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eTax Features

Feature and Benefits

Prepare Feature

eTax allows you to accomplish all your tax returns comfortably at your most convenient place and time. More features to be available soon.

eTax Filing Feature

Filing of tax returns to BIR is just a click away at eTax. Review and submit your tax returns efficiently and conveniently.

eTax Pay Feature

Avoid penalties and long queues in paying your tax dues as through eTax, you can pay your tax dues on time at homes

eTax Propesyonal or SME Version Feature
SME or Professional Version

You can now enjoy the suitable software for you that fits your taxpayer type.

eTax Multiple Companies/Taxpayer Monitoring feature
Multiple Companies/Taxpayer Monitoring

You can create multiple companies or taxpayer in eTax and save, file and view the tax data from different taxpayers anytime while making said data secured.

eTax Beginning Balance Carryover Feature
Beginning Balance Carryover

You no longer have to worry on the accuracy and consistency of your account balances as eTax will automatically carry-over to the next period the ending balances of the accounts in your previous tax return(s).

eTax Annualization of Reports Feature
Annualization of Reports

User no longer have to refer or copy data. Since eTax auto fill up the annual reports using the data saved on the monthly tax forms.

Save and Print Feature
Save and Print

You can now save your tax data before filing without the fear of it being lost or corrupted. (Backup of data will be coming out soon.)

Processing Accuracy Feature
Processing Accuracy

Errors will be avoided as you can take your time reviewing the information you entered and the system validates the information for you. Miscalculations won't be a problem as it is the system that calculates for you.

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